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Your Christmas Celebrations 2019

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Another amazing month of Christmas celebrations in schools across the UK and what a fantastic time you've all had, laying on festivities and raising lots of funds.

We thought we'd do our usual roundup to help you borrow ideas from these fab examples shared by schools and PTAs on social media channels.

decorated christmas tree - christmas fairs

Dressing up in festive gear

The staff as Oakham C of E were not shy about getting into the festive spirit. A fun start to Christmas celebrations!

Special visitor

And look who showed up at Bryn Deri Primary...

--- Superman!!!

(Santa was so surprised.)

Musical Christmas Celebrations

The students at St Albans school laid on an impressive instrumental show to celebrate the spirit of Christmas.

Christmas Plays

So much fun for the kids to lay on a performance at Christmas time, like the children at St Jude's C of E in Lambeth.

Christmas Celebrations - Disco!

These sweeties got all dolled up for the a boogies at the Hawthorn Primary Disco!

Christmas Party

More boogying for these little ones with a class Christmas party. Check out these groovy moves!

Christmas Love, Actually

Some cracking remakes of that famous movie scene were being tweeted about!


Origami Christmas Cards

Booker Avenue Juniors enjoyed a festive activity creating their own Santa origami cards.

Christmas dinners

Christmas Shop

It's great fun for the kids to be able to buy little presents for their loved ones. A wonderful opportunity to experience the joy of giving!

Christmas Fairs!

Of course we can't forget one of the biggest fundraising events in the school calendar. Christmas fairs take a huge effort to organise, but you can get hundreds of parents helping with a handy online collaboration app for PTAs, like PlanSocial.

Christmas Hampers

Abbots School PTA (ALSA) put together some stunning hampers as raffle prizes. Could you do this at your school too?

Presents for the kids

How wonderful that the Friends of Elton were able to budget for some little gifts for the children. What a great idea to look for donations from local businesses to help make this happen.

Advent calendar competition

Here's a fun seasonal challenge to test the kids' creative juices!

Christmas Celebrations - Panto!

Oh yes they did! SJG Primary laid on their own Panto. Fabulous Christmas celebration - must have been tons of fun!

Christmas Carols

Jerry Clay Academy brought together their community with yummy hot choc, soups and carol singing. Sounds marvellous!

How were your school Christmas Celebrations?

What wonderful festive activities did your school get up to this Christmas? Drop us a line at PlanSocial so we can include you next time!

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