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PTA Spotlight: School Leavers Event

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Summer term marks the last leg of the journey for pupils in their final year of school – a school leavers event celebrates the achievements of those who are ready to leave and/or move on to the next part of their education.

Leavers events are easy for your PTA to get involved in, and a great way to give something back to your school. Check out some of the best ideas we’ve seen from schools across the globe.

Disco / Prom / Leavers Ball

At PTAsocial we don’t need an excuse for a party! While a Prom is largely considered an American concept, more and more schools are using the term to differentiate it from a standard school disco.

Whether you call it a disco, a party, a prom or a ball – or something else entirely – it’s a great chance for the kids a chance to let their hair down and have a great time together!

Chacewater School pupils throwing some shapes on the dancefloor:

Foxfield PTA chose a black and white prom theme for their school leavers event:

School Leavers Event: Prom or Ball

One of the most popular ideas that keeps cropping up for proms/leavers balls is the use of a photobooth, so that the kids can capture those important memories with their friends before they head off on their different paths.

While there are plenty of professional companies to choose from, you could save some money by running your own, DIY booth.

How about a chocolate fountain?

Or a red carpet?

...and even fireworks!

School Leavers Event: Year Book

Memories can fade over time, but a yearbook or photobook is a great way for pupils to look back on their experience at your school. Fill it with photographs, quotes from students and teachers and anything else that you think will make the kids smile and fondly remember their school days.

Booker Juniors PTA helped to organise this wonderful year book, so that pupils could look back on their memories of the school for years to come:

Hoodies / T-shirts

Do you remember when you all used to sign one another’s school shirts on the last day of term in your final year? Plenty of schools and academies still do, but many others are choosing to give the gift of a leavers hoodie or t-shirt to pupils instead. Whether you choose to allow students to sign them or not, they create an awesome lasting memory of their time at your school.

Ireland Wood School embraced the idea of leavers’ hoodie with this very clever design featuring the names of all the departing kids:

Comely Park Primary School PTA had the same idea:

Hope Academy PTA was clearly ready for some warmer, summer weather as they opted for leavers t-shirts for their year 11 pupils instead:

Special Trip Out

After all their hard work, it can be nice to reward the pupils with an out-of-school treat. Don’t forget to try negotiating group prices/discounts with the venues that you choose to ensure that your PTA gets the best value for money.

Stella Maris School’s PTA arranged for their year 6 leavers to have an afternoon of bowling and pizza at local venues!

St Dominic’s in Stroud sent their leavers to a local farm park where they had a smashing time!

Yr 6 pupils at Llangan Primary ventured out for a day at the beach

Other great ideas we have seen include ice-skating, a trip to a theme park, and a visit to a West End Show.

These are just a few ways you can treat your leavers and ensure they leave with lasting memories of their time at your school. For more great ideas, check out our Guide for organising Leavers Events.

Over to you...

As always, we would love to hear how you have chosen to mark the occasion. Please Email us , tweet us or get in touch using our Facebook page!

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