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Online Fundraising in a Covid World - PTAs Going Cashless

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School PTAs are finding themselves having to come up with virtual and online fundraising ideas in a time where face to face events have become hard, if not impossible, for most people.

And as if fundraising for your PTA wasn't hard enough right now, the obstacles keep mounting up! How will you get payments made to you when you can no longer rely on cash brought to school with kids or coins chucked in a bucket?

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Just turn to online fundraising!

The answer seems simple, but you may find implementing online payments for fundraising are anything but.

Some PTAs have turned to charity donation websites which offer convenience but a fairly standard format, but transaction fees and annual fees can vary massively between platforms.

In some cases, parents may be happy to transfer money through a bank transfer to your PTA account, but this can be a nightmare for your treasurer who has to track each payment- what it's for and who it's from, and create a robust audit trail!

And there's still the matter of the wider school community – grandparents or friends of friends who have mastered doing their shopping online, but may still be reluctant to use internet banking.

Change from loose change

Although there has been a massive shift in people happy to make online purchases, smaller scale charity events have traditionally been heavily reliant on cash transactions – from the summer fair to the tuck shop at the disco!

But as our fundraising events have changed, we need to make sure parents and carers can still contribute to the school in a way they find easy and can trust to be safe.

What are you selling?

So here's the bit where we tell you how much the PlanSocial app can help you sell things online! In the last few months here are just a few things PTAs have used PlanSocial to sell:

  • Shopping bags/coasters/keyrings/magnets
  • Raffle tickets
  • Tickets for Halloween or Christmas treasure hunts and trails
  • Craft packs
  • Letters from Santa
  • Second hand uniform

How are you selling?

The key advantage of using PlanSocial for your online fundraising over any other online ticket sales platform, is the amazing flexibility you have to collect specific information when any parent buys a ticket. It’s incredibly easy to ask common questions about their child’s name and class, whether they have any allergies...

PTA events - add common questions for parents to fill in
Common questions are already provided on your forms

... and anything else you can think of!

Edit a custom question when you sell PTA event tickets
Add anything!

It’s all easy peasy to download afterwards in one big spreadsheet, beautifully laid out for easy organisation. We’ve been amazed at how quickly parents have taken to paying PTAs online, when it’s easy enough to do! Give it a try :)

You can sign up for a fee Payments Hub which will allow you to sell event tickets and take donations for online fundraising in super-quick time. The fees are low, with a discounted transaction rate for charities. Covid-19 may not have made fundraising any easier for PTAs, but PlanSocial definitely has!

Over to You

What fab covid-beating online fundraising ideas have you come up with for your PTA? Send us your ideas!

We’ll be blogging about some of the brilliant online fundraising ideas we’ve seen, to inspire you to launch similar initiatives and bring in some more much-needed funds for your school. So be sure to subscribe to our blog to stay in the loop!

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