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Christmas fundraisers 2020

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We may all be glad to see the back of 2020, but Christmas has always been a major part of the fundraising calendar for any PTA. Your committee will have already had to adapt most, if not all, of your fundraising events this year. Christmas will be no different in that respect!

Here are some ideas of simple ways to bring in much-needed funds over the Christmas season.

Christmas tree
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Christmas raffle

A raffle can still go ahead but you may need to choose your prizes carefully in a covid world. Vouchers are generally a better idea than physical gifts, and a good way to support local businesses at the moment.

Make sure your school community can buy tickets easily – see our useful info here on online payments.

Festive quiz night

2020 has definitely been the year of the Zoom quiz! And there's still time to get a Christmas one in for your school community.

Perhaps you can come up with quirky questions or an innovative way of scoring! You'll need a quizmaster and a way for people to submit their answers - you could make a google form in advance or ask people to submit their answers after each round on email.

Another great idea to end your evening is by playing ‘Heads or Tails’ for an extra prize. Participants on-screen need to put their hands on their heads or bums to predict the flip of a coin by the quizmaster. As people get it wrong, they’re ‘out’ and switch their camera off. The last one standing is the winner.

Christmas tree decoration kits/craft kits

If any of your PTA are particularly crafty you could make up and sell Christmas craft kits for kids. Some ideas could be kits to make a Christmas tree decoration, a Christmas card, or a festive gift box.

Virtual festive tutorials

Many florists and crafters will host wreath-making sessions online for you, or bars and drinks-makers will do cocktail-making classes.

For co-ordinating and distributing equipment and kit to parents, add a few pounds onto the ticket price for a quick and easy fundraiser.

Christmas treasure hunt

Missed your Easter egg hunt this year? Do a Christmas trail instead! Simply place Santa hats or snowmen around your area with letters on them. Everyone who finds them and spells the festive word wins a chocolate prize! A great activity for families during the Christmas break.

If you're daunted at the prospect or organising fundraisers with everything else going on at this time of year, why not make it easier to delegate jobs and get volunteers with the PlanSocial app.

Sharing is caring, and no more so at this time of year. Merry Christmas!

Over to You

What fab covid-beating online fundraising ideas have you come up with for your PTA? Send us your ideas!

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